Had you ever wonder which celebrities have had gastric bypass surgery? There are quite a number of them. But why would be interested in knowing which celebrities have had gastric bypass surgery?

Is it because of their status and especially celeb status? For whatever reason people always follow or ask who or which, you probably need some inspiration or a living before if weight loss surgery is good and is possible for you.

Searching the web for these celebrities that has gastric bypass surgery is not a hard thing to do and you can get a list of your most popular celebrities you have done it. Weight loss surgery can have its pros and cons. Some people do for a reason that no one knows and some you will eventually know did it.

For instance, Rosanne Barr loses some 80 pounds after gastric bypass surgery to heal is aching back and of course to look good and slim looking celebrity.

Another one is Randy Jackson underwent gastric bypass surgery for weight loss problem. He loses something like 110 pounds after that and it was due to his type 2 diabetes.

One big celebrity is who have done it is Star Jones. This is according to www.topsocialite.com). Star Jones denied it for years that she did not undergo gastric bypass until she changed her tuned in a Glamour magazine interview in 2007.

So if you are looking for which celebrities have had gastric bypass surgery, you can always find so many celebrities that have done it. But do not rely on celebrities do something with your weight loss problem but instead, look for something that is within your reach or what you really like to do with your weight loss problem.

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