Many of the clients that enter my practice are looking for information about something called a prune juice diet. They are desperate to find out the fastest way to lose unwanted pounds and regain their vitality and have heard about the abundance of miracles that a juice fast provides. But a prune juice fast and a juice fast are two entirely different concepts. Read on.

Years of coaching personal clients in NYC has led me to the conclusion that juice fasting is hands down the most powerful thing you can do to supercharge your health and melt the inches between you and the body of your dreams. And it’s the fastest route there. (They don’t call it a fast for nothin’!) However, fasting on prune juice is not recommended. In fact, I strongly advise against it. Here’s why.

Small amounts of this juice can certainly benefit ones health as the fruit is packed with nutrients. However, prune juice is a natural laxative. It is recommended that one rather prevents the onset of constipation before it gets to a point where laxatives are required.

Laxatives work in the digestive system by stimulating peristalsis. This process results in contractions occurring in the digestive tract. Should there be food and waste, the contractions help it to move it through in order to be eliminated. As a prune juice fast involves no food, there would be no food to move. Apart from the contractions being painful in this event, they could potentially be harmful to ones health. A juice fast, however, improves the functioning of the digestive tract, leaving it sparkling clean. And when one is clean on the inside, radiant energy and a body that melts off fat are the result. Who can ask for more that that?

When fasting on a juice fast, it is wise to use as many different juices as possible. Colorful juices are rich in enzymes and contain loads of minerals and vitamins all of whom work wonders in creating the optimal internal environment for cleansing. The vitamins and minerals will see to it that any excess waste is discharged from the body just as it should be and you will be left feeling energized and lighter by the day. So, trade in your prune juice and give juice fasting a try. The only thing you have to lose is excess weight and you have only your health to gain!

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